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“Hello, my name is Jimmy Xie; I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Orange County,


Long story short, the project I am working on is called “The Wall.” I am on a mission to

collect close-up pictures of 100 penises. Yes, you heard it right, I need to take 100

pictures of penises.

This is one of the boldest projects I have done, but I have no doubt in finishing it

beautifully and professionally as a social activist artist. Over the years, I have done

many projects that involve nudity, and it is my job to make all participants feel

comfortable. You can visit my website for an idea of my work:

This photo project aims to challenge and question gender politics and masculinity. It

confronts the “penis myth” which illustrates the fact that most guys almost never see

other guys naked, so the only way to reference what’s normal is through porn—and as

we all know, it has misled most of us for years. While it is much easier for girls to

communicate feelings and private things to each other, we as guys have this wall that

prevents us from getting to know ourselves and other guys.

The 100 pictures will be printed on poster-sized papers and spread around the gallery

space. From the ceiling to walls and to the floor, everywhere people look is covered

with images of penises. While most people I’ve conveyed the idea to were supportive, I

am positive that some guys would feel extremely uncomfortable seeing the show—and

that is the whole point of this project—it provokes the conversation about “why do you

feel the way you do” and “why do some people get mad or embarrassed for seeing a

human organ?” This project aims to normalize bodies and specifically private parts for


What masculinity implies and what seeing other penises mean to men, especially

straight men, are interesting questions to contemplate about.

NONE of the photos will show faces of the participants. They only feature the genital

area in close-up. I have already collected 35 photos, and I am incredibly grateful for the

support I have gotten so far—considering its only been a week since I started this

project! This show is not about the individual pictures, but about everything as a whole.

The viewers would be busy reflecting on themselves rather than focusing on a single

photo. Everything is confidential.

Please let me know if you want to jump on board, and it would be my pleasure to have

you on this project and make a difference in society!!! Thank you!!!”

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